Shelly Pamensky


Shelly Pamensky paints contemporary oil paintings from her studio in North London. Her preferred medium is oil paint, painted onto large block-mounted canvas with a focus on colour. Her most popular paintings are of flowers and roses, single and magnified, or in a more abstract composition. She also paints portraits, focusing on pop art portraiture of children and has experimented with paintings of trees, fruit and water. Shelly has exhibited her work in London. Most of her work has been commissioned for private collections. Shelly also offers private consultations where she works with a client to custom make paintings to suit the needs of the client and surrounding habitat.

Latest additions: Beneath Beauty, Written In The Stars, Matthew Williamson Pond, What Lies Across, Josh and Rachel, Mikey with bubbles, Antique Rose

Beneath Beauty - 70"x50" Oil on canvas