Shelly Pamensky


Shelly draws inspiration for her paintings from her environment; such as Hampstead Heath, and from images she has photographed or those presented in books and magazines. This is combined with her love of colour to produce magnified images, bold and bright, or muted and warm.




Antique Rose





Shelly's starting point is always an image and a selected colour palette. These are her premeditated parameters, but thereafter as she begins to paint, the painting takes on a life of its own and she does what is necessary to make the piece work. This may be experimenting with various oil paint mediums to create interplay between transparent and opaque colour, or introducing “unexpected” colour. Recently Shelly has experimented with fine layering effects and uses paper towel to smear colours and create seamless painted surfaces. Her main focus is always colour, subject matter a mere conduit for its expression. Many of her paintings are the result of collaborating with a client to create a special commission piece which will enhance its surrounding habitat. In effect, the painting completes the picture.