Shelly Pamensky

Gallery / Flowers

Shelly's flowers have proven immensely popular, which is why flowers, whether magnified and singular, or in a composition, feature predominantly in her body of work.

Initially her love of painting roses emerged as a tribute to her late father who planted roses outside her childhood bedroom window in Johannesburg. Techniques of magnification and cropping create depth, engaging the viewer. Her flowers are figurative; always with a focus on colour, yet their vastness render them towards abstraction.

More recently she has moved towards floral compositions where flowers and background blend, creating abstract shapes, colours seamlessly merging into one another in a "tie-dyed effect".

Classic Red Rose

60"x48" Oil on canvas

American Beauty

60"x48" Oil on canvas

Bone on Purple composition

81"x47" Oil on canvas

Bone on Mushroom Rose Diptych

48"x48" Oil on canvas

Antique Rose

40"x 40" Oil on canvas

Bone on Bergundy Rose

40"x40" Oil on canvas

Purple Bloom

60"x48" Oil on canvas

Composition in Red and Purple

80"x55" Oil on canvas

Coral Rose

48"x48" Oil on canvas

Acid Flower Panels Triptych

30"x45" each Oil on canvas

Burnt Rose

40"x30" Oil on canvas