Shelly Pamensky

Gallery / Portraits

Shelly focuses on pop art portraiture of children.  Pop art portraits are painted on a commission basis following the submission of a “favourite photo” by a client.  The image is reduced to a black and white sketch and then infused with colour.  The result is a stylised pop art image of the person that captures his or her visual essence in a fun and colourful way.

Mikey with mikey


30"x40" Oil on canvas

Mikey with bubbles

30"x40" Oil on canvas


34"x36" Oil on canvas


34"x40" Oil on canvas

Wallpaper Portrait

85"x55" Oil on canvas

J Kids Pop

40"x50" Oil on canvas

Pop Self

40"x60" Oil on canvas

Talia Pop Portrait Diptych

30"x40" each Oil on canvas