Shelly Pamensky

Gallery / Waterscapes

Shelly’s inspiration for waterscapes are drawn from her time spent running in Hampstead Heath. She photographed the ponds in varying degrees of sunlight and across seasons. These photographs culminated in a series of works which investigate not only their subject but also the consistency and luminosity of oil paint.

Paint is thinly layered, splotched, flicked and dripped reflecting also the fluid properties of water. The results are textural pieces which draw the viewer’s interest through the multiple paint effects achieved on the canvas and the intricate use of colour.

Matthew Williamson Pond

70"x50" Oil on canvas

What Lies Across

80"x60" Oil on canvas

Autumn Pond

60"x48" Oil on canvas

Mystic Pond

60"x48" Oil on canvas

A Tree Runs Through It

50" x 68" Oil on canvas