I am inspired by the colours in visual world around me.  Having lived half my life in South Africa and the other half in London my palettes can appear in the muted gentle tones of London or those reminiscent of sunsets in Africa. I am especially drawn to colour for it’s emotive qualities and I mix and work with it intuitively.

Today I work with an innovative layering process of spraying thin veils of automotive paint or dyes over a glitter and pigment primed ground.  Paint and glitter particles fuse to create a field of shimmering colour.

My work is also inspired and influenced by my love of fashion and the inescapable frenzied world of social media.  The iconic weaves of Bottega, the striped colours of Missoni manifest in my work. To these shimmering gradients, I may add words based on my thoughts, memories and feelings, or emojis (hearts, rainbows, drops) as influenced by the social media landscape, and which add an element of pop art playfulness to my work in contrast to its more serene colour washes. 

Glitter Gradient

Experimentation is a large part of my practice, attributable to being self taught and driven to take ideas further. This has encouraged me to disassemble these gradients and recreate them into woven and fringed versions of themselves.  The act of weaving presents a manual slowing down in opposition to the increasing digitisation of the art world.  The weaves are in effect a cross between sculpture and painting as the weave wraps around all sides of the painting and fringing extends beyond its frame, rendering it three dimensional. 

The peace and deep sense of purpose which the creative journey instils in me is reflected in the visually calming aesthetic of my paintings which have over time largely been reduced to the elements of colour, texture and light.

Although my work is influenced by the outside world, I want it serve as an antithesis to its frenzy and its really all about finding inner peace both for me in its making and the calming effect I hope it can have on the viewer.

Glitter Gradient
Glitter weave art


“I try to make whatever generates a strong feeling of connection within me, both in its making and the pleasure of its perception”

Glitter weave art
Shelly Pamenski in her studio


Shelly is a visual artist, raised in South Africa, of Israeli origin and now working from her studio in North London.  She completed a Law degree in South Africa and is a self taught artist who turned her attention to painting, after a career in the City of London.

Her shimmering paired back colour field paintings explore a process of mixing unconventional materials together to create a surface where glitter, paint and pigment particles coalesce to incantatory effect.  Her process-intensive paintings are reductive in nature, exploring elements of colour, materiality and intimacy and are a response to processes of internal enquiry and external visual influences derived from her environment, fashion and social media.

Shelly has produced numerous commission pieces for private individuals and has  collaborated with interior designers such as Kelly Hoppen.  She has exhibited in group shows as well as in Art Fairs such as The Affordable Art Fair, Roys Art Fair and The Other Art Fair. Her work has been been featured in numerous publications and online exhibitions.

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